A Strange Disease 奇怪的疾病

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A Strange Disease

When the construction of the firework factory came to the stage of painting, a pump was put in. Then, all the painters in the neighbourhood were defeated by a severe disease whose characteristic was alike to that of a bad burn.巴士英语www.xiao84.com

An expert physician was instructed to attend to the victims and handle this case. He was enthusiastic, but he didn’t foresee that it was a hard challenge. After simple enquiry, he announced that the polluted paint was to blame. But without positive evidence, people suspected and rejected his view, saying the theory he put forward made no sense. Being much more strict with himself, he contributed himself to the case. Apart from making enquiries, he made detailed charts and analysed the data cautiously. Finally, he drew a scientific conclusion, linking the disease to the radium in the pump. Exposed to radium, a kind of radioactive material in the universe, people absorbed radiation and got sick immediately.

Spinning the pump backward, he took away the radium. This simple movement cured all the victims.