A Russian Poem 俄国童谣

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A Russian Poem

Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged rings. Gradually, he found writing poems the most appropriate way to convey his joy and sorrow. When his poem Contradictory Blank won him a national championship and a scholarship to the Moscow University from a sponsor, he was just an unknown librarian. After getting his diploma, he devoted his life to writing poems. Using concrete but flexible language and the minimum of words is his style. He tried out different patterns and preferred nursery rhyme in particular. The following is a translation of one of his works made up of 3 sections: 巴士英语www.xiao84.com

Little sparrow with heavy load,

Ran out of energy and very cold;

No compass and all sweat salty,

Can you go through the endless darkness?

Little balloon let out by the thread,

Flew over cottages and was very glad;

With warmth transformed from sunlight,

He said he could forever fly;

Take it easy, little balloon;

Don’t tease the sparrow with his wound;

On the bare branch and have a rest;

This diamond heart will eventually get success.



小麻雀,负重担, 小气球,脱绳系, 别紧张,小气球

筋疲力尽挡风寒, 飞越农舍真高兴, 别笑麻雀伤口留,

汗水成盐无指引, 阳光给予它温暖, 光光的树梢歇片刻,

能否穿越无边暗? 永远高飞不费力; 恒(钻石)心终把成功求。