Teachers of Love(爱的老师)

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I have had so many teachers in my life, but those I have valued most are the teachers who taught me about love.


The person who smiles happily when they drop money in a charity box is a teacher of love.


The child who offers laughter and hugs more freely than an adult is a teacher of love. xiaogushi8.com The person who gives corn to starving deer and feeds hungry birds with seeds in winter is a teacher of love. The big dog who shares half of its food and place in the doghouse with a little puppy on a cold night is a teacher of love. xiaogushi8.com Everyone who spends their lives sharing great love through countless acts of kindness is a teacher of love.


You can be a teacher of love too. You can be a person who gives encouragement and joy to soul in need. You can be a person who cares for a sick friend, comforts a hurting heart and shares cheer fullness and kindness with everyone everywhere. You can be what life wants you to be—a teacher of beauty, glory and unconditional love.