Animals in Danger 濒危动物

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Animals in Danger

Some of the animals and birds in the rainforest, such as monkeys and woodpeckers, live in the treetops. They are always swinging and flying from one tree to another looking for food among the leaves and branches. They even sleep in the treetops so they do not have to come down to the ground.巴士英语

Have you heard that such animals and birds in the rainforests are in danger? Because people are cutting down so many trees in the forests, the animals are losing their homes. Do you know the reasons for it? Yes, people want wood, paper and land. As a result many animals and plants are dying. Some forests are so badly damaged that they become deserts.






rainforest 雨林 woodpecker 啄木鸟 treetop 树顶 swing 摇荡

leaves 树叶(leaf的复数形式) branch 树枝 desert 沙漠