The Hare and the Tortoise 兔子和乌龟

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The Hare and the Tortoise

One day a hare was telling the other animals how fast he could run. "I can beat anyone!"cried he. "Will one of you try a race with me?"

"I will,?said the tortoise.

"You!?laughed the hare. "Oh, oh, how funny!?

"Save your laughing for the end of the race,?said the tortoise.

So a starting line was made, and away they went. The hare ran fast and was soon far ahead, so he sat down to rest. By the time the tortoise came up, the hare was sleeping.

On and on went the tortoise, and when the hare looked up at last, it was too late.

There sat the tortoise by the sign that said: The End.




“你们有谁想和我比一比吗?” “我。”乌龟说。 “你!”兔子笑道,“哦,哦,太滑稽了!” “留着到比赛结束后笑吧。”乌龟说。


乌龟一直往前走,当兔子最后醒来时,已经太晚了。 乌龟坐在一块牌子旁,上面写着: 终点。


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