Helping Parents 帮助父母

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Helping Parents

Parents often get angry because of their trouble in their lives. Let's say that your mother is not happy about her boss. If she doesn't have other ways of expressing her emotions, she might come home and yell at you, scream at your dad, kick at the dog, or even say something mean to

Here's how to handle it when an adult in your life has trouble controlling his or her anger: Don't make it worse. Angry people can have trouble thinking clearly, so try not to do or say anything to make things worse. Wait till your parent cools off, then talk to him or her in a calm tone, and try to explain how the anger is affecting you.






yell 大叫,呼喊 scream 尖声喊叫 handle 处理 adult 成年人

cool off 平静下来 tone 语气 affect 影响