• Abstract Art 抽象艺术日期:2014-06-26

    Abstract Art Abstract art used to be controversial. On one hand, the artists stopped painting delicate figures but attempted to adopt special techniques to give people different visual impacts. On the other hand, their works, including scul

  • A Horrible Earthquake Dirty water rose in wells and canals before the earthquake. But no one judged that an earthquake was coming. Suddenly, everything shook. It seemed as if the world was at an end. Millions of brick houses and a number of

  • A Hard Trip My sister was fond of traveling. Ever since graduating, she had been determined to organize a trip to an old temple. Since transporting fare was expensive, she decided to use a bicycle to cycle there not caring about the disadva

  • Different Countries Have Different Kinds of Englishes 不同的国家有不同的英语 Voyages of people from England play an important part in spreading the English language. At present, English is frequently spoken as an official or comm

  • A Good Boy 好孩子日期:2014-06-26

    A Good Boy Little Robert asked his mother for two cents. What did you do with the money I gave you yesterday? I gave it to a poor old woman, he answered. Youre a good boy, said the mother proudly. Here are two cents more. But why are you so

  • Fall in Love with English Hiding behind the loose dusty curtain, a teenager packed up his overcoat into the suitcase. He planned to leave home at dusk though there was thunder and lightning outdoors. He had got to do this because he was tir

  • Fox and cock 狐狸和公鸡日期:2014-06-26

    Fox and cock One morning a fox sees a cock.He think,This is my breakfast. He comes up to the cock and says,I know you can sing very well.Can you sing for me?The cock is glad.He closes his eyes and begins to sing.The fox sees that and caches

  • Good and evil 善与恶日期:2014-06-26

    Weak forces of good and evil was expelled to the sky. Asked Zeus is good at, how can we return to earth to. Zeus told him that we should not and go, one by one of the world to visit it. Evil and people very close, so one after another to fi

  • The EarthOur Mother People often say that the earth is like our mother. She gives life to all the living things on the earth. Once she was beautiful and rich, but now she becomes dirty and poor. If we go on treating her like this, it wont b

  • The Old Cat 老猫日期:2014-06-26

    The Old Cat An old woman had a cat. The cat was very old; she could not run quickly, and she could not bite, because she was so old. One day the old cat saw a mouse; she jumped and caught the mouse. But she could not bite it; so the mouse g

  • First Aid 急救日期:2014-06-26

    First Aid A boy fell ill. His organs were damaged by the radiation of an infrared ray stove. But before the ambulance arrived, a number of other injuries happened to this unlucky boy over and over again. First, he was choked by some poisono

  • An Amateur Journalist Jane is a housewife, but delighted to work as an amateur journalist. It is a dilemma for her to rush between family and work, and it is also unusual for the News Department to depend on an amateur to cover crimes. But

  • Sightseeing in the United Kingdom After the wedding, my cousin and his wife went to the United Kingdom for nationwide sightseeing. He faxed a letter to me in English yesterday. To my delight, he no longer made any tense error. And his descr

  • An Air Crash 飞机失事日期:2014-06-26

    An Air Crash I was a previous typist in a post office. Because I couldnt tolerate typing any more postage bills or postcodes on a typewriter every day, I resigned. With a greedy motivation of making big money, I took up working as a busines

  • A Strange Disease When the construction of the firework factory came to the stage of painting, a pump was put in. Then, all the painters in the neighbourhood were defeated by a severe disease whose characteristic was alike to that of a bad

  • A Unique Theme Park As soon as our shuttle got close to the theme park by the freeway, everyone came to life and put on cloth sneakers in advance for an outing. Our translator paid for the admission, and we started enjoying the various attr

  • A Misunderstanding In general, spoken statements are the major way of communication, but body language and facial s also have such kinds of function. For example, yawning means being not interested and turning ones back to someone or swingi

  • Chaplin-A Great Master of Humour Chaplin was an extraordinary performer who starred in and directed many outstanding comedies. Few were bored watching his moustache, his gestures or his entertaining reactions when chased by detectives. Bein

  • A New Farming Way Tuan was a farmer in Vietnam. For decades, he had been struggling to rid his family of hunger. However, it always confused him how to expand the output of his crops. This disturbing problem led to his regretting being a fa

  • A Woman Doctor-Lina Born in a pigs nest, Lina led a poor life in her childhood. She was looked down upon by the children of her generation. But she intended to become a doctor after she came across Lin Qiaozhi by chance, who was delivering

  • A Journey across Canada After a quiz last autumn, Kuang crossed the continent eastward to Toronto to visit his schoolmate, the distance measuring approximately 5,000 kilometers, His train started from Vancouver, a city surrounded by mountai

  • Explore MKII MKII, a planet billions of kilometers away, is the origin of life in many religions. Physicists have proved the theory that its gentle climate and the pull of its gravity are similar to the earths. And astronomers have found th

  • Sailing Home 划船回家日期:2014-06-26

    Sailing Home This novel was about an unbelievable but genuine adventure. Its author was a black businessman who was brought up in America. In 1956, he visited Africa, his birthplace. One day, when he was wandering on the pavement near the b

  • Balanced Diet 平衡膳食日期:2014-06-26

    Balanced Diet Wang Peng earned his living by running a barbecue restaurant, which served delicious bacon, fried chicken breast and mutton roasted with pepper and garlic. But his food and discount attracted fewer and fewer customers. Finally

  • An Interesting Festival The Agricultural Feast takes place after the Independence Day. It is not a worldwide celebration. Only Christians in Mexico look forward to its arrival for its religious origin: Long ago, humans ancestors were bad. T

  • My First Band I was very sensitive to music. Just dipping into the music books briefly, I could sing or play well. To be honest, I always dreamt of becoming a famous folk actor. I was so confident that I never decreased my devotion. I forme

  • Wildlife Protection Dinosaurs died out because of an unexpected incident. But wildlife today disappears or is in danger just because humans do harm to it. For example, tigers are hunted for fur to make carpets so that they can only live in

  • A Fair Competition Swifter, Higher and Stronger stands for the spirit of the Olympics. But fairness is the basis of this motto. Only when you win fairly will you and your homeland deserve the great glory. But nowadays, unlike the ancient ho

  • A Brave Maid 勇敢的女仆日期:2014-06-26

    A Brave Maid A wooden vase from the Ming Dynasty at the entrance of the reception hall amazed everyone. The artists designed it in a rare style and selected valuable jewels to decorate it. People thought highly of its fancy colour of honey

  • The Great President As the founder of the republic, the president had many good qualities. Before coming to power, he was a generous lawyer. He was willing to selflessly help everyone who turned to him. He accepted no fee to offer legal gui

  • There was a man who had seven sons, but he had no daughter, greatly though he longed for one. At last his wife told him that they could again expect a child and, sure enough, when it was born it was a baby girl. There was great rejoicing, b

  • My iron-willed grandmother日期:2014-07-15

    My grandmother was an iron-willed woman, the feared matriarch of our New York family back in the 1950s. When I was five years old, she invited some friends and relatives to her Bronx apartment for a party. Among the guests was a neighborhoo

  • A Sly Murder When giving a lecture about the significance of punctuation, the academic professor was interrupted and arrested by the police for murdering his wife, a receptionist of a kindergarten. The police found some photos he deleted fr

  • Helping the Remote Village A year ago, the famous astronaut received an invitation by airmail from a remote village. Intending to sniff some fresh air, he and his interpreter paid a fortnight visit there. It was a privilege for them to be t

  • Mark and a Seal Mark rented an accommodation with his pension near the shore. He paid annual visits there to enjoy the vivid beauty in the depths of the pure sea. Once, with his underwater telescope and flashlight, Mark dived along the boun

  • Defeat Disability Yangs ambition was to get an architect certificate or become a bowling master. But when he was conducting experiments with a microscope in the basement, a tank on the bench exploded, sending him flying outwards through the

  • A Volcano Eruption As the best candidate, I was appointed to collect and evaluate information for a database about diverse natural disasters, such as hurricanes, typhoons or thunderstorms. Sometimes I did this by giving out questionnaires t

  • Refresh Our Environment As the director stated on behalf of his researching group, the data of this graph makes a clear presentation of the future environmental tendency. On one hand, the quantity of fuel keeps on decreasing by 9% per year

  • A Russian Poem(俄国童谣)日期:2014-06-26

    A Russian Poem Since childhood, Anton had often recited poems, accompanied by pianists and violinists, at wedding ceremonies before brides and bridegrooms exchanged rings. Gradually, he found writing poems the most appropriate way to convey

  • 城里老鼠和乡下老鼠日期:2014-06-26

    The City Mouse and the Country Mouse Once there were two mice. They were friends. One mouse lived in the country; the other mouse lived in the city. After many years the Country mouse saw the City mouse; he said, Do come and see me at my ho