Feeling in Snow 在雪中的感觉

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As soon as I walked outside, I was greeted with the shimmering white blanket of cold. Despite the chill overwhelming my skin, inside I was warm. I felt as though I could be giving off heat; I had the desire to stay out in this freeze for hours. It was the type of day that speaks to you through its elements; I took a deep breath to hear more snow was coming.

As I walked I looked up, trying to realize what made this day so beautiful, so serene. It was as if time had been put temporarily on hold and I along with it. Or maybe I was the only one unpaused…Either way, the solitude was comforting, and I sensed myself floating away. I sat down on the edge of a curb and listened. All there was to hear was the wind rushing over the top of my head and circling some old, cracking leaves some yards away. To me it was the reassuring sound of nature, trying not to be forgotten.

It did start to snow. None of those little flurries, but big, fat flakes which clung immediately to their surface.

Then it was time to go and my reverie had to end. As I began walking again, I drifted back into this time frame, calm and cleared.

Now if only I could remember where I was going.

Feeling in Snow 在雪中的感觉