Managing Your Emotions 控制你的情绪

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Managing Your Emotions

What makes me angry? Mostly, I hate when someone tries to make someone else feel bad. I have to admit that once, when I was really angry, I actually called names. I regretted doing this afterwards, but not full heartedly because I think I was provoked in that situation. The most positive way of dealing with anger is talking about the problem. I talk to someone who listens, or I'll write my thoughts down on paper. Learning how to deal with anger as you're growing up is so important. When you're younger, you might yell, or cry when you're angry, but as you get older,you're expected to handle your emotions much better. Learning to control your emotion now will prevent you from doing something that you'll regret later on in life!



什么事会让我愤怒呢?通常情况下,当有人试图使别人觉得不舒服时,我会非常愤怒。我不得不承认,有一次,在我实在很生气的时候,我确实骂了人。过后,我很后悔那么做,但我不认为全是我的错,因为我觉得在那种情况下,我是被激怒了。 解决愤怒的最积极的方法是把问题说出来。我说给愿意听的人,或者把我的想法写在纸上。在你成长的过程中,学会处理愤怒是非常重要的。小时候,你生气的时候可以大喊大叫或者哭闹,但长大后,你被期望能更好地控制情绪。 现在就学着控制情绪能让你避免做一些可能使你以后遗憾一生的事情。


emotion 情绪 manage 控制,操纵,管理 admit 承认

full heartedly 全心全意地 provoke 激怒 prevent 预防,防止


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