Visiting Shakespeare’s Home 莎士比亚故居之旅

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Visiting Shakespeare’s Home

In 1998, when I was working for an export company, I went to England. After finishing my business, which took several days, I went to Stratford, where Shakespeare was born. In Stratford, I visited several sites that are associated with Shakespeare, including the house where he was born, the church where he was buried, and the cottage where his wife's family lived. I wanted to see a play, so I asked at the theatre box office for whatever tickets were available. I got a seat for The Merchant of Venice, which is my favourite play. Afterwards, I waited at the stage door for my favourite actor, who was in the play. I got his autograph and talked to him. It is an experience that I will remember forever.



1998年,我在一个出口公司工作的时候,去了一趟英国。花几天时间干完公务后,我去了斯特拉特福德,莎士比亚出生的地方。在斯特拉特福德,我参观了几处与莎士比亚有关的场所,包括他出生时的房子、死后埋葬的教堂以及他妻子的家人居住的村舍。 我想去看一出戏剧,所以就向剧院售票处询问哪场戏剧有票,结果买到了《威尼斯商人》的票,这是我最喜欢的戏剧。之后,我在后台入口处等到了剧中我最喜欢的演员。我得到了他的亲笔签名并和他交谈。这次经历我永远不会忘记。


export 出口 associated 有关的,有联系的 bury 埋葬

cottage 村舍 merchant 商人 autograph 亲笔签名


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