Old Shoes, Happy Life(旧鞋子也有温暖)

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People often drop into a gloomy life and are unable to extricate themselves.

There once was a poor and frustrated salesman complaining every day that there was no platform for him to display his ability and the fate was often pulling his legs.

At Christmas Eve, every family decorated their houses with lanterns and streamers and it was very festive everywhere. But he was alone sitting in a bench in a park and recalling the past. It was on the same day last year when he was also alone drinking his Christmas day away, without new clothes, new shoes, let alone a new car and a new house.

“Damn! I have to spend this Christmas day with these old shoes again.” he signed and began to take off the old shoes. Suddenly, he glanced a young man in a wheel chair passing by him with his hands arduously pushing the wheel forward. It dawned on him that he was so lucky to have shoes to wear while that man did not even have the chance. Afterwards, the sales man did anything with a calm mood and cherished every opportunity to improve himself. He worked hard and tried his best to make a progress every day. Several years later, he eventually changed his life totally and became a millionaire

If you look all around, you will find there are so many people who were born disabled in the society but they are confident in life and never complain about the unfair destiny. They are also not to beg others’ almsgiving. Instead, they constantly strive to make themselves stronger and more excellent to serve the society. By contrast, we should feel ashamed. We are born healthy, but we are fed up with life; we complain about our colleagues and dissatisfy with our jobs.

Maybe all of us would feel afraid when we realize we have fallen into such frustrating state of life, but worse is you even do not realize you have fallen into such a jeopardous situation.










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