Just a Little Bit More(再努力一点点)

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Lots of people lose hope at the so-called 11th hour1. In sports terms, we say that they lose hope just before the finishing line. xiaogushi8.com They don’t think that they can be winners in life, but the truth is they can.


The 11th hour is the point when most people feel the pain. It is an important moment that decides whether you succeed or not. Champions always put in extra effort to become winners and succeed. Those who don’t put in extra effort leave the race with nothing. All they need to win the race is a little extra effort at that last point. This is the difference between winners and losers.


I know you have the ability to be a champion. The race will not be easy, but it can be won. You need to put in extra effort when trying to achieve your goal. Just do a little bit more. This is what will separate you from others who seek to be where you are. When you want to give up or slow down because you feel tired, try to keep on going until you reach the finishing line. You can do it because you still have strength within you.