Brother of Jesus(耶稣的兄弟)

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In October 2002, the Biblical Archaeology Society announced a discovery which could provide historical evidence for the existence of Jesus. An inscription had been found on an ancient bone box(ossuary)that reads "James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus." If authentic, this container provides the only new Testament-era mention of the central figure of Christianity and is the first-ever archaeological discovery to corroborate biblical references to Jesus. This June, the Discovery Channel followed the story of the unearthing in Israel of this ancient ossuary, providing viewers with new information about the discovery of this historic relic and raising questions about Jesus' family life.

According to one of the world's leading specialist in ancient inscriptions, Andre Lemaire of the Sorbonne University in Paris, the Aramaic words etched on the box's side show a cursive form of writing used only from about 10 to 70 AD. Ancient inscriptions are typically found on royal monuments or on lavish tombs, commemorating rulers and other official figures. But Jesus, who was raised by a carpenter, was a man of the people, so finding documentation of his family is unexpected. The find is also significant in that it corroborates the existence of Joseph, Jesus' father, and James, Jesus’ brother and a leader of the early Christian church in Jerusalem. The family relationships contained on the ossuary helped experts uncover that the inscription very likely refers to the biblical James, brother of Jesus. Although all three names were common in ancient times, the statistical probability of their appearing in that combination is extremely slim. In addition, the mention of a brother is unusual, indicating that this Jesus must have been a well-known figure.


2002年10月,圣经考古学会宣布一项发现,可能提供了耶稣确实存在人世的历史证据。在一个古代的藏骨柜上发现了以下的镌刻文字:“雅名,约瑟之子,耶稣的兄弟”。如果属实,这座藏骨柜将是“新约时代”首度提及这位基督世界的中心人物,也是第一个能证实圣经提及之耶稣事迹的考古发现。今年6 月,Discovery频道追踪了这座古代藏骨棺在以色列的出土过程,提供观众有关发现这个历史遗物的新资讯,也对耶稣的家庭生活提出了新的疑问。