• Good and Evil(善恶之辨)日期:2014-07-17

    John Milton/约翰弥尔顿(1608~1674),17世纪英国杰出的文学家,出生清教徒家庭,自幼爱好文学,博览经典著作与欧陆各国文学,代表作《失乐园》、《复乐园》。 Good and evil we know in th

  • why Measure Life in Heartbeats? Hemingway once wrote that courage is grace under pressure. But I wouldrather think with the 18th-century Italian dramatist, Vittorio Alfieri, thatoften the test of courage is not to die but t0 1ive. For liv

  • The Song of the River 河之歌 W.S Maugham 毛姆 You hear it all along the river. You hear it, loud and strong, from the rowers as they urge the junk with its high stern, the mast lashed alongside, down the swift running stream. You hear

  • The Living Seas The ocean covers three quarters of the earths surface, produces 90 percentof allits life-supporting oxygen, and is the driving force behind the entireweather system. There are over 450 million cubic miles of sea water on the

  • It happened in one of those picturesque Danish taverns that cater to tourists and where English is spoken. I was with my father on a business-and-pleasure trip, and in our leisure hours we were having a wonderful time. Its a pity your mothe

  • The colour of sky 天空的颜色 If we look at the sky on a perfectly fine summers day we shall find that the blue colour is the most pure and intense overhead,and when looking high up in a direction opposite to the sun. 晴空万里的夏

  • The Blanket(一条毛毯)日期:2014-07-15

    The Blanket By Floyd Dell Petey hadnt really believed that Dad would be doing It sending Granddad away. Away was what they were calling it.Not until now could he believe it of his father. But here was the blanket that Dad had bought for Gra

  • Promise of Bluebirds The Pennsylvania-landscape was in severe wintry garb as our car sped westover the interstate Ul The season was wrong, butI couldnt get bluebirds outof my head. Only three weeks before, at Christmas, Dad had given me a n

  • Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. Their chief use for delight, is in privateness and retiring; for ornament, is in discourse; and for ability, is in the judgment and disposition of business. For expert and execute, a

  • On leadership 论领导日期:2014-07-15

    On leadership 论领导 What is leadership? 什么是领导? Its qualities are difficult to define. But they are not so difficult to identity. 领导应具备什么样的素质,这很难精确的解说,但辨认直陈却也不难。 Lea

  • New Light Bulb Offers Energy Efficiency 新型灯泡提高能效 Paul Malamud 保罗马拉默德 Washington-A newly-invented light bulb could offer significant energy savings-and better light-to future users worldwide, according to the U.S.

  • My Mothers Gift 母亲的礼物 I grew up in a small town where the elementary school was a ten-minute walk from my house and in an age, not so long ago , when children could go home for lunch and find their mothers waiting. 我是在一个小

  • My Fathers Music 我父亲的音乐 Wayne Kalyn 韦恩卡林 I remember the day Dad first lugged the heavy accordion up our front stoop,taxing his small frame. He gathered my mother and me in the living room and opened the case as if it wer

  • My Average Uncle 艾默大叔一个普普通通的人 Robert P. Tristram Coffin 罗伯特P.T.科芬 He stood out splendidly above all my uncles because he did not stand out at all. That was hisdistinction. He was the averagest man I ever kn

  • Mayhew 生活的道路日期:2014-07-15

    Mayhew 生活的道路 William S. Maugham 威廉S.毛姆 The lives of most men are determined by their environment. They accept the circumstancesamid which fate has thrown them not only with resignation but even with good will. They arelike

  • Luck 好运气日期:2014-07-15

    Luck 好运气 Mark Twain 马克吐温 I was at a dinner in London given in honor of one of the most celebrated English military menof his time. I do not want to tell you his real name and titles. I will just call him LieutenantGeneral Lord

  • Love Is Not Like Merchandise 爱情不是商品 A reader in Florida, apparently bruised by some personal experience, writes in to complain, If I steal a nickels worth of merchandise, I am a thief and punished; but if I steal the love of ano

  • Life in a violin Case 琴匣子中的生趣 Alexander Bloch 亚历山大布洛克 In order to tell what I believe, I must briefly sketch something of my per-sonal history. 为了阐明我生活的信条,我必须简单介绍一下我的经历

  • Killer on Wings Is Under Threat 飞翔的杀手正受到威胁 Could anything be more majestic, serene or threatening than the largest bird of prey in theworld, the harpy eagle, soaring above its domain? Weighing nine kilograms and with a 2

  • In the Pursuit of a Haunting and Timeless Truth 追寻一段永世难忘的史实 Pauline Kael 波琳凯尔 Louis Malles Au Revoir les Enfants (or Goodbye, Children) is set in Occupied France in 1944,when Malle was an eleven-year-old at a C

  • Integrity 正直日期:2014-07-14

    Integrity 正直 -From A Mother in Mannville 节选自《妈妈住在曼菲尔》 M.K.Rawlings M.K.罗林兹 The Orphanage is high in the Carolina mountains. Sometimes in winter the snowdrifts are so deep that the institution is cut off fro

  • In Praise of the Humble Comma 小小逗号赞 Pico Lyer 皮科埃尔 The gods, they say, give breath, and they take it away. But the samesaid-could be said-could itnot?-of the humble comma. Add it to the present clause, and, all of a sudden

  • How Should One Read a Book? 怎样读书? Virginia Woolf 弗吉尼亚伍尔夫 It is simple enough to say that since books have classesfiction,biography,poetryweshould separate them and take from each what it is right that each should g

  • Hate(Excerpt) 仇 恨(节选) Hendrik Willem Van Loon 亨德里克威廉房龙 Suddenly the war was over, and Hitler was captured and brought to Amsterdam. A militarytribunal condemned him to death. But how should he die? To shoot or hang h

  • Han Suyins China 韩素音笔下的中国 China: her size roughly that of Canada or the United States. Her population on billion on hundred million, 22 per cent of the planets human beings. 中国面积大致相当于加拿大或美国,人口

  • Glories of the Storm 辉煌壮丽的暴风雨 It begins when a feeling of stillness creeps into my consciousness. Every thing has suddenlygone quiet. Birds do not chirp. Leaves do not rustle. Insects do not sing. 起初,有一种平静的感

  • Fame(声誉)日期:2014-07-14

    Fame 声誉 Fame is very much like an animal chasing its own tail who, when he captures it, does not know what else to do but to continue chasing it. Fame and the delighting popularity that accompanies it, force the famous person to partici

  • Doug Heir (杜格·埃厄)日期:2014-07-14

    Doug Heir 杜格埃厄 Lynn Rosellini 林罗塞利尼 It was Fathers Day 1978, and Doug Heir, a brawny 18-year-old, was working as a lifeguard at apool in Fairfield, N.J. Suddenly he spotted a struggling child crying for help. Doug dived of

  • Divorce and Kids 离婚与孩子 Barbara Dafoe Whitehead 巴巴拉达福怀特黑德 Divorce is transforming the lives of American children.In the past World War 2 generation, morethan 80 percent of children grew up with both biological par

  • Canadian Eskimo Lithographs 加拿大爱斯基摩人的石版画 Hela Goetz 海拉戈也兹 Since the Eskimos of Cape Dorset began making prints in 1959, their graphics have continuedto delight art lovers around the world. Interest has spre

  • A Visit with the Folks 探访故亲 periodically i go back to a churchyard cemetery on the side of an Appalachian hill in northernVirginia to call on family elders. it slows the juices down something marvelous. 弗吉尼亚北部阿巴拉契亚

  • A Tale of Two Smut Merchants 两个淫秽照片商的故事 Mike Royko 迈克罗伊科 In simpler times, there lived a self-employed photographer in Chicago who worked weddings,anniversaries, graduations and other family events. He also pad

  • A Sailors Christmas Gift 一个海员的圣诞礼物 Last year at Christmas time my wife,three boys,and I were in France,on our way from Paris to Nice.For five wretched days everything had gone wrong.Our hotels were tourist traps;

  • Are Books an Endangered Species? 书籍是即将绝灭的物种吗? Bob Greene 鲍勃格林 In the house where I grew up, we had a room we called the library. It wasnt a real library, ofcourse, it was just a small den dominated by a televis

  • A Nation of Hypochondriacs 一个疑病症患者的国度 Norman Cousins 诺曼克森斯 The main impression growing out of twelve years on the faculty of a medical school is that theNo.1 health problem in the U.S. today, even more than AID

  • A Hard Day in the Kitchen 厨房里的一场闹剧 shannon Hodge 香农霍奇 Everything had gone wrong that morning. The chef had arrived late, nursing a hangover, andthe kitchen hadnt been cleaned properly the night before, which put him

  • By George H.Brooks Christmas Eve, 1994. I was a sailor in the U.S. Navy, on a one-day leave in San Francisco. I had won 300 at poker that ordinarily would have burned a hole in my pocket, but I couldnt shake an overwhelming sadness. 1944年圣

  • ABoyandHisFatherBecomePartners父子伙伴情 作者:RalphMoody 原文: Ilikeallkindsofchocolate.Bestofall,though,Ilikebitterbakingchocolate.Motherhadboughtabarofit,andsomehowIcouldntstopthinkingaboutit. 我的翻译:我喜欢各式

  • 丑石 An Ugly Stone日期:2014-07-14

    丑石 贾平凹 我常常遗憾我家门前的那块丑有呢:它黑黝黝地卧在那里,牛似的模样;谁也不知道是什么时候留在这里的,谁也不去理会它。只是麦收时节,门前摊了麦子,奶奶总是要

  • A Bouquet for Miss Benson 送给卞老师的一束花 Paul Villiard 保罗维拉德 Miss Benson was the kindest, sweetest, most beautiful person that ever walked the earth. She was my second-grade teacher, and I was going to marry her when