Two Goats on the Bridge 两只山羊在桥上

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Two Goats on the Bridge

One day a goat started to cross a little bridge. At that very minute, another goat started out from the other side of the bridge. When they saw one another, they knew that one of them would have to go back.

"Go back!?cried the first goat. "Where is no room for you to pass here while I am crossing."

"It is you who must go back!?cried the other goat. "You can start again after I cross over.?The first goat said as he was in the right and would not give way.

"We will see!"cried the other goat, and they started to fight. In another minute, the two goats fell into the water. A man who was fishing saw the fight. He laughed as he pulled the goats out of the water. "You see,?said he.

"When everyone thinks he is right, something always goes wrong!"

Two Goats on the Bridge 两只山羊在桥上




当他们看到对方时,他们知道他们中的一个必须得退回去。 “回去!”第一只山羊喊道,“我过桥的时候没有地方让你过去。” “是你必须回去!”另一只山羊叫道。

“我过去以后你再开始过。”第一只羊说。他觉得自己是对的,所以他不肯让路。 “我们走着瞧!”另一只山羊喊道,然后他们开始打起来。 很快,两只羊都掉到了水里。

一个正在钓鱼的人看到了这场争斗。他笑着把山羊从水里拉了出来。 “你们看,”他说,“当每个人都觉得自己是正确的时候,就一定会出事!”

goat 羊 give way 让步